Mark Betteridge & Associates. Translating your ideas into reality.

An advantage of getting older is learning from success and failure.  You will benefit from our years of experience.

What areas are we talking about?

Start-up tech firms and real estate projects.


Present your ideas and we will challenge you to develop your thoughts and plans.

Convince us that your ideas are sound, perhaps disruptive, that they solve problems for others and will be profitable to investors.

As potential investors we will not only advise and direct in a collaborative style but we will put our own funds into worthy deals.  Tech or real estate; sometimes a combination.  The funding can be equity and/or debt depending on what is required and if this exceeds our capacity, we will use our network of trusted associates to bring you what is needed and justified.

A warning

We might disappoint you by telling you that we don’t believe in your idea, or that you may have created a great idea but someone else must be given the job of turning it into economic reality.

If you want to benefit from our competitive advantage, send us your business plan (no more than one thousand words), with an NDA if you wish, and we will respond to you promptly.